Archive - Aug 2009 - Newsletter issue

Archive - Aug 2009 - Newsletter issue

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August 27th

August Giveaway Madness Has Finished!

On August 25, 2009 at 12:00 PM Atlantic time the license giveaway, which started 7 days before that, was finished. For the week of August 19th - 25th we have given 36467 licenses away. It was a challenging time for us because due to large number of visitors every day brought surprises. For example the largest Brazil software site placed the news and gave the link to the blog registration page instead of the giveaway page (I suppose it is a dream of any blogger to get 1000 registered users a day :)).

However it is our pleasure to see how many users have taken an interest in our little but mighty 'USB Safely Remove', so we are really happy! Also we would like to say many thanks to all people who shared the news about the giveaway on numerous forums as well as we are sincerely grateful to all bloggers and software news site editors who reviewed our program and posted news about it:
  1. Techsupportalert - a great community-based tech site on freeware
  2. - probably the largest Russian blog on technology
  3. - a popular Italian online IT magazine
  4. - the largest download archive in Brazil
  5. - a software blog with unbelievably detailed and sensible user comments in the posts
  6. - Chapeau 2009’s Best Technology Blog
  7. Dottech , MyDigitalLife,, and many others...
A little additional gift we would like to offer now for readers of our blog: 40% off discount coupon on purchasing of the lifetime personal or unlimited business license for 'USB Safely Remove'.  Read more...

August 24th

'USB Safely Remove' Version 4.1 License Giveaway (exp. Aug 25th)

Starting from August 19th, we have already given away about 30,000 licenses for version 4.1 of our award winning program 'USB Safely Remove' for free. If you also wish to enjoy this offer and obtain the free license, go to the license giveaway page. But do it quickly as it's left less than 2 days until the giveaway finish!

Spread the word about 'USB Safely Remove'

If you are already an owner of a license feel yourself free to tell others about the program benfits and this license giveaway. How you can do it?
Send an invite to get the license to your friends
Click here to invite your friends to get a free license, or just email them. Who knows, you'll probably make them much happier with our program :)
Write about this giveaway on your favorite forum.
People will be grateful to you as they get the quality shareware program solving their needs for free!
Send a tip to your favorite blog's author(s).
Are you a reader of such blogs on technology as Lifehacker, Downloadsquad, or anything else? Pitch blog author(s) about this news, they may consider the program and this offer interesting for a post.

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