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USB Safely Remove 3.0 is released!

USB Safely Remove 3.0 is released!

What are the main features of Ver. 3.0?

Safely remove in one click!

A very handy device stopping menu has been added. The menu is displayed by locating the mouse over the system tray icon. All devices can be operated from this menu (ie to change a device name or icon, and hide a device from the menu).

Revealing processes that prevent USB device disconnection

When the device cannot be stopped, USB Safely Remove shows the list of processes locking the device. Just close these processes and try to stop the device again.

Forced device stop

You can terminate troublesome processess directly in the "cannot stop" window.

Powerful command line support

  • Windows Vista support

    USB Safely Remove is now fully compatible with Windows Vista! Moreover, the utility does not require administrative rights for operation.

    One hotkey for any device operations

    Using hotkeys has now become even easier. You can stop or browse any device disk with only one shortcut; just press this shortcut (Win+S by default) to display the 'device stop' menu. Choose your device via the arrow buttons and press 'Enter' for disconnection.

    Even friendlier device names

    Just feel the difference beetween:

    Loading custom images for devices

    You can choose a device image from a folder supplied. Alternatively for that personal touch you can load any picture (ie your own photo).

    Capability to operate SATA drives

    It is now possible to stop a larger range of devices than ever, including SATA drives. USB Safely Remove also allows the operation of those SATA drives that are unavailable in the native 'safely remove hardware' utilities! Just go to the Options -> General and check "Display all storage devices".
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