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USB Safely Remove 4.0 final released

USB Safely Remove 4.0 final released

What's new in USB Safely Remove 4.0?

The version 4.0 was being developed by us and tested by a community of beta-testers for all 2008 year. And now we are happy to present you the final release of USB Safely Remove 4.0! It contains about dozen of new significant changes, some of them are:
Download right now or read detailed description of features below

Hiding drives of empty card reader slots!

Most of the card readers create a drive letter for every slot even if it doesn't contain a memory card. Those who uses only one or two memory cards at the same time, might dislike this behaviour. The new version allows you to get rid of this problem - you will see only those drives of the card reader where memory cards are connected.

Before enabling of "hiding"
After enabling of "hiding"

Ability to eject card reader memory cards

After you safely removed a card reader, you need to reconnect it (physically or using "Return device back!" feature), in order to get it read memory cards. USB Safely Remove 4.0 allows you to eject only required memory card, the card reader can work with other memory cards with its replug.

Drive letter management

Now you can change a drive letter of a USB device directly from the program. Moreover, you can change a volume label, or mount device as a folder of a fixed drive.

Stops any kind of hot-swap devices

The new version can see and stop such devices like PCMCIA. Also it has a unique feature to stop even those hot-swap devices whose drivers does not support "authentic safe removal" (they cannot be seen in the native Windows Safe Removal tool), e.g. Silicon Image SATA devices. USB Safely Remove stops these devices via "disabling" (as Windows Device Manager do), however it makes stopping of these devices convenient for user - in the same manner as you do ordinary safe removal.

Exploring a device drive in an alternative file manager

In the program options you can choose a way of exploring a device's drive - using Windows Explorer, or using your favourite file manager, ie Total Commander.

Mount point support

Do you know that you can mount your USB storage devices as a folder of a fixed drive, not only as a drive letter? Despite this feature is supported by Windows starting from NT4 version, it's not used actively by Windows users, because it's deeply hidden (therewith, native safe removal doesn't support this feature fully).
USB Safely Remove 4.0 allows you to mount your USB storages as folders of a fixed drive, as well as fully supports these devices safe removal.

"Return device back!" feature

After you stopped a device, but still did not unplug it, sometimes it would be very useful to return it back to the system. For example if you have remembered you forgot to write a file to the drive after you stopped it. In this case you are compelled to physically replug the device. However sometimes it is quite inconvenient, e.g. if the device is connected to the rear panel of the computer.

USB Safely Remove allows you to return your device back as easy as you do safe removal - in a one click!
After you safely remove a device it will stay in the menu marked with red cross. Just click to this "red-crossed" device to return it back!

it's good!

it's good!

it's owesome.... hope the

it's owesome.... hope the prices is not so expensive... so that i can buy it.

"Return device back!" feature

"Return device back!" feature is a really nice feature, BUT sometimes crashes explorer :).

no hotkeys for "return device

no hotkeys for "return device back" feature?

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Look at the version 4.2 . We

Look at the version 4.2 . We have implemented this feature there. Now you can stop and return using the same hotkey.

How much of the system

How much of the system resources will it occupy?

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Please, see this page of

Please, see this page of online help: //

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