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USB Safely Remove, Happy Holidays 30% off

USB Safely Remove, Happy Holidays 30% off

We hope you had a Merry Christmas and we wish you to have Happy New Year! God bless you in everything you do!

In honor of these happy holidays we gladly give you 30% off for purchasing USB Safely Remove.

If you are still not a registered user this is a good chance to get the lifetime license right now with 30% off. Just follow this link to acquire it in our online store!

The offer is valid until December 31th, 2009.

I don't purchase computer

I don't purchase computer programs .. too many free ones

This software is great

This software is great quality and is not expensive.

This is a great program and

This is a great program and we should purchase a license to support the author to continue develop this software.

Bought it, can't do without.

Bought it, can't do without. Great software. Keep making it better.

Used free version - love it.

Used free version - love it. Upgraded when Holiday discount was offered - great deal!

This "expiring" 30% discount

This "expiring" 30% discount is phony. They have had this fake "discount" for MONTHS at the very least. Basically $20 is the actual price of the software, and they merely pretend it normally costs more in order to rush you into a purchasing decision.

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The actual price for the

The actual price for the program is $20* which was set in 2007 (you can track this using Wayback Machine service. The price with the discount is less for the value of the discount, e.g. this discount offer will allow you to get the program $6 USD cheaper.
We really have the discount offers as well as other offers often (but not for months as you stated ofcourse)... but I do not see any problems with it. The decision to purchase the software at the discounted price or not to purcahse it is up to you. If you do not purchase it with the discount today, several days after the discount might not be available, so you'll pay more.

* $20 is the price for non EU countries, in EU VAT is included into the price so it costs more

Geek Award :-)

Geek Award :-)

I use this program a lot. I

I use this program a lot. I am delighted to make a donation for a good program, whether the program is even free or for small fee. I like this Christmas promotion, too. It is a fun way for me to support the programmer, and at the same time to send a nifty program to my friend for Christmas. Which I did, and she says thank you to all of us and Merry Christmas. F. R. Keller, Jackson NJ, USA.

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