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USB Safely Remove 4.6 beta 1

USB Safely Remove 4.6 beta 1

USB Safely Remove 4.6 is available for beta-testing! New version includes bug fixes, UI improvements and support of skins.

Skins support

Now the program allows you to make the program look like you prefer or conforming to your selected Windows theme.

Option to install for all users

Just choose this option on installation of the program and it will be automatically launched for all users on your computer and you do not need to enter the license key under other user accounts

Ability to clear all settings on uninstall

After the unistall the programm let you choose if you wish to delete all the settings from the registry and the program log files

New notification balloons

USB Safely Remove now displays the notifications about the changes in a special notification window that doesn’t overlap the device menu and contains more information.

Smart device menu displaying on mouse hover

The device menu is now displaying on mouse hover over the system tray icon more smartly. Earlier the device menu appeared every time when you hovering the mouse over the systray icon even if you moved the mouse to the icon of another application. We fixed this rather annoying behavior and now the menu is displayed only if the mouse cursor hangs for some time over the icon.

Improved device icon auto assigning

In most cases the device icon for non storage devices were assigned to a flash drive icon. Now that's fixed and the program tries to recognize kind of the device and assign a proper icon.

Bug fixes

  • The program recognized some external drives as "Composite USB device" and didn’t see their drive letters.
  • The program didn't rememeber chosen installation language
  • Incorrect number of devices in the "hidden devices" link were displayed when there are more than 10 devices
  • Double click to the systray icon caused an error
  • Global autorun setup: Test launch of the process wasn't available for devices with more than one drive letters
  • Duplicate icons were added on addition of a new icon to device library
  • An error caused on attempt to fix "empty" drive letter
  • An error caused on attempt to load non existent settings file

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