Архив - 2007

Архив - 2007


Ноябрь 12th

USB Safely Remove 3.2

Что нового в этой версии?  Узнать больше...

Октябрь 18th

Сентябрь 4th

USB Safely Remove 3.0

Что новенького в USB Safely Remove 3.0?  Узнать больше...

Июнь 25th

Version 2.2

Allows to stop all the USB devices (Cameras, scanners, UPS, Mouse & etc), guide to main program features, User Interface improvements (new main window icons) and much more

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Март 18th

Version 2.1

Show native Safely Remove Hardware window feature, some fixes and documentation improvement

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Март 12th

Version 2.0

Fully reworked user interface, to be simplier and more intuitive! Highly customizable Quick-stop-menu added

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