Март 12th, 2006

Version 1.3

Drive letter support, Browse USB devices, user defined device information, USB devices list in the system tray hint and much more

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Май 7th, 2005

Version 1.03

Fixed "Startup bug", improved stopping speed and improved saving mechanism

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Апрель 17th

Version 1.02

Fixed "Windows XP safely remove bug" and "Windows XP TrayIcon bug", device properties now shown in EditBox, modal Forms now always shown above the Main window

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Март 20th

Version 1.01

Fixed TabOrder, allow to set sounds on USB Flash drive loading\stoping and restoring Main window, added Logs with Exception control

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Март 5th

Version 1.00

Fixed some bugs, stopping Centre Window with small animated clock, Full HotKey mechanism released

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Февраль 13th

Version 0.99

New USB Kernel, "Disable Windows USB Hotplug Manager" option, "Always On Top" flag, Properties Window, allow to setup HotKeys and more

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Январь 5th

Декабрь 20th, 2004