USB Safely Remove 5.5 released!

USB Safely Remove 5.5 released!

USB Safely Remove 5.5 is here! It contains some minor improvements and bug fixes. Download now or read more below.


  • An ability to return devices connected to USB 3.0 hub enabled back
  • The standard right click menu added to the license key field on the registration form

Bug fixes

  • The "Paste" button wasn't shown in the registration form when DPI > 100%
  • On system startup the program can display "Service unavailable" message while it's active
  • Some windows had display issues on 4K displays
  • Registration reminder could be overlapped by the device menu and became difficult to close
  • In the classic Windows scheme some dialogs were displayed incorrectly
  • In the classic Windows scheme the device menu could be displayed in a wrong place or not displayed at all
  • Pressing ESC button in the warning about hidden device stopping didn't cancel the operation
  • In some rare cases error displayed on returning device back
  • The assistant service couldn't run when there are folders with the names like "C:\Program" or "C:\Program Files (x86)\USB" on the computer
  • Couldn't test run a program in the global autorun, an error was raised
  • In rare cases an error could be displayed on program startup
  • Program had some memory leaks that caused excessive memory consumption when the program worked for a long time