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USB Safely Remove 4.1 beta testing started!

Posted: Feb 28th, 2009, 1:12 pm
by Anton
In this version we have significantly improved "Autorun" feature and are going to do more improvements in this direction.

What's new in this version?

1. More events to autorun
More events can launch autorun now. In this version programs can be automatically launched after device stopping and after device removal. The previous version 4.0 allowed to auto run programs only on device connection and before device stopping.

2. Optional command line parameters
We have changed a way of how to pass parameters to the command line. Now we do not pass forcibly all parameters (Drive letter, device name and etc) to the called program, but a user may define what parameters it wish to pass to the command line. This is example of a new command line you may use...
1) for auto launching TrueCrypt file:

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C:\Program Files\TrueCrypt\TrueCrypt.exe" /q /v %DriveLetter%\ /l x: 
2) for auto launching Total Commander:

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C:\Program Files\totalcmd\TOTALCMD.EXE /o /L=%DriveLetter%
... on after device insertion.

3. More parameters...
More parameters can be passed to the command line: device label, physical drive name, device PnP name.

4. Launching several processes on an event
You may assign to launch more than one process on any event. For example you may assign to launch on after device insertion both browsing the drive with Explorer and mounting a TrueCrypt volume.

You may download the new version here: ... ta4pre.exe

Your comments regarding "autorun" functionality and its user interface are appreciated!

Version 4.1 beta 4 is released.

4.1 beta 3 is out

Posted: Apr 9th, 2009, 3:27 am
by Igor
We have just released version 4.1 beta 3.

What was added since the previous beta?
  • Global autorun - you may now setup program to autorun not only for a certain device, but for all devices connected to \ disconnected from the computer
  • One-click templates for autorun - a feature that makes using of autorun extremelly easy, it allows you to add such actions to perform as browsing a drive of a connected device in explorer, setup automatic backup of your files, setup automatic mounting and dismounting of your TrueCrypt volume located on your external drive.
Also you may read more about features of this version here:

USB Safely Remove 4.1 beta 4 is released

Posted: May 22nd, 2009, 5:33 pm
by Igor

We have released USBSR 4.1 beta 4 for testing.

Mainly we have improved "launching programs" on device connection\disconnection feature and also we have added a useful feature to the system tray icon - now it displays state of your devices: if there are no devices connected there is one icon, if there are stopped but not unplugged devices it has red-crossed icon.

Please download this version here: ... ta4pre.exe

Full change log over the previous version:

Code: Select all

  [+] "Autorun Programs" UI was improved:
    * Hint with process details is displayed on mouse hover
    * Fixed: Sometimes an error occured on process dragging-and-dropping
    * Command line is displayed in autorun template wizard 
    * Process icons are displayed now (in the launch list)!       
  [+] "Scanning drives with Kaspersky" template in "Global Autorun" added
  [+] Optional launching programs only for disk devices added 
  [+] The system tray icon now displays device states. The program displays 
      different icons when:
        * There are stopped but still plugged devices
        * There are no connected devices
        * Program is scanning for devices                                
  [+] New languages added:
    * Catalan, Dutch (Netherlands), Serbian (Cyrillic), Belarus
  [+] Icons in the language switch added
  [+] Bug-report window was improved
  [-] Fixed several bugs in "Autorun" feature:
    * %DriveLetter% parameter wasn't passed for drives mounted as a folder
    * Sometimes %DriveLetter% parameter was empty for drive devices
    * %DeviceName% parameter was passed with drive letter
    * Autorun on after device stopping sometimes didn't work
  [-] Fixed: Sometimes the program cannot be closed
  [-] Fixed: Main window doesn't restore its size after program restart
And again you may download the version here: ... ta4pre.exe