BUG: Failure to recover from S3 Sleep state when Safely Remove is installed.

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BUG: Failure to recover from S3 Sleep state when Safely Remove is installed.

Post by RonCam » Aug 25th, 2009, 1:12 pm

I did a forum search on keywords sleep and wakeup with no hits, so this is something new. It was first reported with my uninstall report, but now I have confirmation, on my system, at least.

The Post Subject summarizes the bug, but in detail, here it is: with utility installed, hit Sleep key, sleep state is entered. (On this system) hit any other key, system begins to restore prior state, then "hangs" part-way through. Monitor starts to wakeup, but then screen goes blank, with pilot light turning from green to amber. Computer is 'on' but no sign of hard drive activity.

No keypress combination, or turning montor off, then on again, will reactivate system.

Only remedy: press hard Reset button, OS reboots, normal operation follows, provided no further attempts are made to enter the Sleep state. This is S3 Sleep (Standby) and not Hibernate (which is S4). I am not able to test the bug for S1.

You already have my first report, when I had to reinstall following a normal installation. Because the utility is really nice, I gave it a second try, in case the bug couldn't be duplicated.

Second Attempt: OS started in Safe Mode, utility reinstalled (not on default C: but on D: in Program Partition). Utility will not run in Safe Mode, says it cannot find its driver. Testing Sleep not attempted in Safe Mode. OS rebooted into normal mode. Reboot completes.

Sleep state is entered. Problem is same as before: system locks-up on attempt to Wakeup, again requires hard Reset to restore normal operation. Installing in Safe Mode therefore makes no difference.

Given the choice, I don't want to give up S3 sleep, as much as I like USB Safely Remove. On my system S3 is very reliable, and powers-down the system in 2-3 seconds, powers it back up in 12 (mostly for the monitor to reinitialize).

OS: Windows 2000 Professional (v5.0) SP4+
Should also be tested for bug on XP (v5.0 vs. v5.1 -- very close!)

P.S.: Thanks much for the license givaway! But, using the Sleep mode is just too convenient to "toss it away."
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Re: BUG: Failure to recover from S3 Sleep state when Safely Remo

Post by Igor » Sep 1st, 2009, 12:47 pm

Hi RonCam,
Many thanks for so detailed report. Honestly I've never known earlier that Windows 2000 has S3 sleep feature also.

On Vista computers S3 sleep works very well with USB Safely Remove runinng.

We will consider fixing this issue in the next versions of the program.
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