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Multi-card reader issue

Posted: Jun 13th, 2008, 8:58 pm
by millardjk

I have two multi-card readers. Once works like "traditional" multi-card readers, where each socket on the reader corresponds with a different drive letter; this works very nicely with USB Safely Remove 4.0B3 with respect to the "eject vs remove" issue.

I have another multi-card reader which "publishes" a single mass storage drive for ALL the different supported types. There is no opportunity/option to force this into an "eject vs remove" supported device.

Because it's probably germane, I've included the "Technical Information" data for the device:

Sys_DeviceDescription: USB Mass Storage Device
Sys_LocationInformation: Mass Storage Device
Sys_DeviceInstance: 2284
Sys_DevicePnPName: USB\VID_058F&PID_6366\058F0O1111B
Sys_FriendlyName: Multi Flash Reader USB Device
Sys_HardwareID: USB\Vid_058f&Pid_6366&Rev_0100
Sys_DriveLetter: Q:
Internal_DontShowThisDevice: False
Internal_IgnoreStopAllCommand: False
Internal_ImageName: Default
Internal_UserDeviceName: Inland USB Multi-Card Reader
Internal_UserDeviceNameWithDriveLetters: Inland USB Multi-Card Reader (Q:)
Internal_IsCardReader: False
Internal_IsProbablyFixedDrive: False
#UniqueVolume number 1
VolumeName: \\?\Volume{43019bb6-7c08-11dc-b467-000fb5cda1b1}\
VolumeMountPoints: Q:
VolumeInformation: VolumeLabel =
VolumeSerialNo =
MaxComponentLength =
FileSystemFlags =
FileSystemName =
debugGetVolumeInformationExecTime(Ticks) = 0
FriendlyName: Multi Flash Reader USB Device
MediaType: 11

Posted: Jun 14th, 2008, 7:49 pm
by Igor
Hi millardjk,
Thank you for the information you gave us.

Yes, currently the program cannot determine card-reader if it has only one drive. In future versions we will add an option that allows you to manually setup should program treat device like a card-reader or not.