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MS Vista and SD Card Eject after Sleeping etc. etc.

Posted: Dec 26th, 2008, 10:09 pm
by MrLimo
OK I'm trying to figure out why all my USB/SD Card Drives seem to refuse to eject once they have been in for a while. SR has allowed me to see why but it stilll will not let me eject without powering down.

On my SD card I will see the standard drive letter and an additional "hidden" drive letter. There will be a process called system that is tied to Drive Letter: and Driver Letter:\ SR will not allow me to stop the process. I have removed the drive from being indexed and I'm truly stumped.

My guess is if I hybernate or the machine sleeps Vista then creates this dummy drive and just will not release it under any circumstances other than a complete powerdown. If I plug in the drive use it and release it all is good. I have yet to confirm the same senario with my external 1.5Tb but is follows the same pattern.

Re: MS Vista and SD Card Eject after Sleeping etc. etc.

Posted: Jan 4th, 2009, 4:49 pm
by Igor
Hello MrLimo,

It seems like your device is locked by a program driver. It may be a part of your antivirus, firewall or another low-level software. Unfortunately in this case we cannot unlock\or detect what locks the drive. However in future versions we will try to fix this issue.