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'USB Safely Remove' 4.7 For Free Only Today!
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The license giveaway week has finished...
Many thanks to all the people who showed an interest in our program. We are sincerely grateful to everybody who shared news about this event on blogs and forums!
Limited offer
Missed the giveaway? Take advantage of our another offer. Purchase USB Safely Remove license today and get 30% off!
The offer is time limited.
Just fill out the form below and you'll get email with the license key during a day:
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Giveaway FAQ
What's the restrictions of the free license key?
There are no restrictions except you can use the program only with the current version 4.7. All other aspects of our license policy will be the same as for paid licenses: you can use it personally on each of your computers. If you wish to upgrade to any future versions (and even to downgrade to a previous one) you have to purchase the lifetime license.
I'm afraid to give you my email. Why do you need it?
All the licenses, both free and paid, are tied to user's email. In case if a user lost his\her license key he\she can restore it immediately using the special form. That's our concern about you and nothing more. We will not pass your email to anybody. We will not send you newsletters if you disable "Subscribe me on newsletter" option.
How many licenses may I request?
Only one per email\IP address. If you want to get a license for your father\girlfriend\cousine or just a friend send him an invite to get a free license through our invite form or with another convenient way for you.
Nothing is free. What is the catch? I'm not installing without knowing the catch.
No catch. Your email won't be sold to noxious spammers, your computer won't be infected by evil spirits as USB Safely Remove is clean like a crystal and doesn't contain any spyware, adware or viruses and any time you can uninstall the program and forget it.
Of course we wouldn't mind if you decided to recommend it to others or considered purchasing upgrade subscription if you like the program and it solves your problems. But do it only at your option, we won't compel you to do it.

Do you have any questions? Ask us via our support form or via the forum
Download now!
Version: 5.2.3
Size: 5.9 MB
OS: Win XP/2003/
Vista/7/8, 32/64 bit
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