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Safely remove in one click!

Avoid too many clicks for safe removal of your devices! Just move the mouse cursor over the system tray icon to reveal the stop menu; then just click on your device for safe removal.
Stopping devices menu
Pay attention to clear device names; USB Safely Remove only detects real device names.

Why can the device not be stopped right now?

When the device cannot be stopped, USB Safely Remove shows those processes that are locking the device. Just end these processes and repeat the stop action.
Processes list preventing to stop device

Removal unnecessary

It is now possible to manage devices directly from the menu. Just right click on the device and you will be able to browse its drive, hide it from the menu, and manage its properties (i.e. rename the device!).
Device right click context menu

Stop any devices with one keyboard shortcut!

You can use one global keyboard shortcut (Win+S by defaul) to launch the stop menu. Moreover, you can check the option "Stop immediately" and the program will stop your device if there are no another devices connected.
Program options, keyboard shortcuts settings

Device properties

Here you can change a device name, load an image or assign keyboard shortcuts.
Device properties

"Personalized" safely remove :)

You can choose an image for the device from a standard image folder, or load your own image (JPG, PNG, BMP, ICO and many other formats are supported).
Change device image

Make the program exclusively yours!

You can customize the program behavior and appearance to suit your own requirements. For example, you can force the program to hide the system tray icon when there are no devices in the menu to stop.
Program options window

Manage all devices via main form

Just drag the device from the "Hidden" to "Displayed" section and the device can be operated from within the menu.
Main window

Powerful command line

Automate any of your actions with the USB Safely Remove command line! For example, you can make batch script for the safe removal of a USB device encrypted with True Crypt.
Powerful command line

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