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USB Safely Remove 4.4 final, spin down drive!

USB Safely Remove 4.4 final is available now. We have improved user interface, made its icon look nicer, restored Win2000 compatibility and fixed some other bugs. Besides we added one important and frequently requested feature: the ability to power off USB drives after their stopping in Vista and Windows 7. Download the version 4.4 right now or read further about new features below.  Read more...

USB Safely Remove 4.3 Released

We are happy to announce availability of the new version of 'USB Safely Remove': 4.3. This version mainly consists of bug-fixes and some improvements in forced device stopping mechanism. Read further details below.  Read more...

USB Safely Remove 4.2.5 is available!

Today we are releasing a new version of USB Safely Remove: 4.2.5. This release is mainly aimed to improve stability of the program as well as it contains some international language pack updates. In total we have fixed about 20 small issues, the most important from them are:
  • Sometimes the program could prevent by itself the device from being stopped
  • On some system configurations the program displayed "Cannot connect to service" message on Windows startup
  • Autorun didn't work for non-storage devices
Also our translators updated such language packs as: Byelorussian, Chinese-Simplified, Dutch-Netherlands, French, Galician, Indonesian, Macedonian, Serbian-Latin and Slovak


USB Safely Remove 4.2 Released: Elegant UI & Win 7 support!

We are happy to announce that new version of USB Safely Remove 4.2 is publicly available! In the new version we have invested heavily in UI improvements, stability and Windows 7 compatibility.

USB Safely Remove 4.1 final is available!

What's new in USB Safely Remove 4.1?
  • Powerful and handy program autorun feature
  • One click autorun templates
  • Systray icon shows device state

USB Safely Remove 4.0 final released

The version 4.0 was being developed by us and tested by a community of beta-testers for all 2008 year. And now we are happy to present you the final release of USB Safely Remove 4.0! It contains about dozen of new significant changes, some of them are:

What's new in USB Safely Remove 4.0?

Download right now or read detailed description of features below  Read more...

USB Safely Remove 3.3 is released!

What's new in this version?
  • Automated assigning of device icons
  • New languages support
  • Stopping mechanism improved
  • Proxy server support added

USB Safely Remove 3.2 is released!

                            What's new in this version?
  • Multilanguage support
  • Plenty of new icons
  • Automatic check for updates

USB Safely Remove 3.1 is released!

What's new in v. 3.1?
  • Files Auto-Run option moved from 'global settings' to 'device properties'
  • Ability to run files BEFORE device ejection
  • Close button added to quick stop menu
  • Windows Vista Aero interface compatibility added

USB Safely Remove 3.0 is released!

What's new in v. 3.0?
  • Safely remove in one click!
  • Revealing processes that prevent USB device disconnection
  • Forced device stop
  • Powerful command line support
  • Windows Vista support
  • Even friendlier device names
  • Loading custom images for devices
  • Capability to operate SATA drives
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