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USB Safely Remove 3.3 is released!

USB Safely Remove 3.3 is released!

What's new in this version?

Automated assigning of device icons

Now, in the majority of cases the program will detect the most appropriate icon for a device automatically. Of course, you always have the option to manually assign any other icon for the device if you wish to do so.

New languages support

Currently, USB Safely Remove is available in 20 languages. Czech, Hungarian, Greek, Bulgarian, Portuguese Brazil and Slovenian languages have been added in the new version.

Stopping mechanism improved

In particularly, the program now allows easy stopping of devices such as SonyEriccsson mobile phones.

Proxy server support added

USB Safely Remove will now inform you about new versions, even if you you are behind a proxy-server.

Caught and fixed some bugs

  • Taskbar button of the program didn't disappear in some cases
  • The program required registration on every hardware change
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