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USB Safely Remove 4.5 released!

USB Safely Remove 4.5 released!

We are happy to announce the availability of USB Safely Remove 4.5! In this version we have added several small but frequently requested improvements such as the ability to save\restore program settings, the option to automatically close autorun processes and we significantly improved the device icon library. Download the version 4.5 right now or read further about the new features below.

Program Settings Saving & Restoring

Beginning from this version you can store all settings of the program to a file and restore them with a few clicks in the program. This is useful if you wish to replicate program settings on another computer or if you decided to reinstall your OS. The feature is accessible from the Options dialog:

Hotkey To Stop All Devices At Once

In the previous versions we added a button to stop all devices at once. Now following your requests we added hotkey to this feature. The hotkey can be specified in the program Options:

Option To Auto Close Autorun Processes

Now USB Safely Remove can not only run automatically programs on device connection, but it may close them before device safe removal. Very useful feature if you setup USB Safely Remove to auto launch your portable applications. The option is available from process settings dialog in both global & local autorun:

Device Icon Library Improved & Extended

The device icon library was significantly renewed: we improved old icons, added lots of new icons - more colors and models of flash drives, memory cards and external hard drives, also we added some new devices. Find below some of new icons:

We are also excited to give you an opportunity to purchase USB Safely Remove and Zentimo as well with 30% off. The offer is valid until Jan 31st. Read more...
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Vista\7, 32\64 bit

I like this software . It,s

I like this software . It,s using is very useful. thanx for this software.

i like "More powerful and

i like "More powerful and informative device menu" same as Zentimo

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Hi, I'm not sure that all

I'm not sure that all users of USB Safely Remove will like the same menu in the program since it's more complicated. If you like it more you probably should move to Zentimo :)

I'm USB Safely remove and if

I'm USB Safely remove and if i'd prefer a more informative menu, i'd move to Zentimo.
I prefer this more simple program becuse is all i need.

Hi Every body, I feel very

Hi Every body,
I feel very happy to tell about this new version of
"USB Safely Remove 4.5" From my Own Experience...
It's More Comfortable to save\restore program settings,
And ... So on...
Simply I like this Product very much...

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Hi AOKS, Thanks for the nice

Thanks for the nice words :)

I like this software . It,s

I like this software . It,s using is very useful. thanx for this software

A stand-alone updater would

A stand-alone updater would be ideal. Check for updates scans to see if your servers have a new version but than we must go to the page, doiwnload the file, run the installer...
Make it run like an anti-virus program:
Updates available, yes update my software, progress bar shows up. download. Installer starts in the background. Window, update complete.


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Hi, Yes, that's a great idea

Yes, that's a great idea and we will definitely implement it in one of the closest versions.

CD\DVD\BD drive shown in

CD\DVD\BD drive shown in menu, clicking these devices opts an eject of the media inserted.

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Hi, This feature has already

This feature has already been implemented in Zentimo: if you enable option "Display all storage devices" it will show all your CD\DVD\DBD drives as well and let you eject them. In USB Safely Remove we probably will not implement this feature since the requested feature doesn't relate to the main purpose of the program.

great software for easier

great software for easier access the device to look up when it the comes to the installed devices to your computer.

its really simple and small

its really simple and small but usefull tools ...

I not change to "Zentimo"

I not change to "Zentimo" because I prefer the name "USB Safely Remove".
Why not better to incorporate the new features of "Zentimo" in "USB Safely Remove 5" for example.

The name "USB Safely Remove" is good and describes the function of the program.
The name "Zentimo" not.

Oh! and Thanks! a program as

Oh! and Thanks! a program as good and useful :-)

Sorry for my English...Google Translator :p

I second the suggestion for

I second the suggestion for auto-update. Downloading from website is cumbersome.

guys i love this software i'm

guys i love this software i'm using usb modem and it is best with this software thanx to the manufactures

I'm a big fan of the USB

I'm a big fan of the USB Safely Remove program. But could you PLEASE add an option to install for ALL USERS instead of PER USER.

I deploy this to many machines through System Center Configuration Manager and I have to write an elaborate series of script, some that execute under the "System" space and some that execute under the "User" space. It would really fabulous to have an option that is all System and HKey_Local_Machine settings so that it is setup for any and all users with the same settings and can be easily pushed.

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Hi Enterprise Guy, Yes, this

Hi Enterprise Guy,
Yes, this is indefinitely a must have feature and we will probably add it in the next version.

I'm having nothing but

I'm having nothing but repeated problems with my "bought" version of usb safely remove. i like the idea of having a program like this to better feature and handle certain devices that you frequently have to plug "in" and plug "out"; but "why" i'm having sooo much trouble, i do not know. and then when it "hangs", it will not stop & cannot be stopped and/or removed when i use windows task manager to remove/stop it. just a few minutes ago, it hung again, and though i kept trying to stop and/or remove it by repeatedly clicking "end task", it just will not stop or remove. so i go to the processes tab and try to kill the usbsafelyremove.exe process, and "still", it will not remove, or stop or respond! whenever i get any kind of program, process, service, etc., that's running in any of hese areas and it stimply will "not" stop or remove? it's at "these" times -- it's then when i'm seriously trying to get the thing to !stop! - that i become extremely suspicious that perhaps somewhere, in the program itself, is a small program routine or a "hidden" rogue file or program - a piece of spyware or malware, that's preventing me and thus microsoft's task manager, from carrying out my request, which is subservient to its' "secondary" duties. a program that won't quit & only locks up really raises my suspicions. i hope a slightly newer version that i'm getting ready to install now, will fix the problem, but i seriously doubt it.

Tengo problemas muy comunes

Tengo problemas muy comunes con los USB, resulta que de un momento a otro ya no son reconocidos por la PC es como si no estuviera conectado, y he perdido valiosa informacion trabajos de meses, y lo peor que no encuentro ningun programa que pueda ayudarme o como resucitar mi USB, si lo hay me gustaria que me lo hana saber y como rescatar la informacion

Si la PC te reconoce la USB

Si la PC te reconoce la USB intenta recuperar la información con Recuva.

Y si no, puede que tus puertos USB tengan falso contacto y te hayan estropeado tus USB (prácticamente sin remedio) en ese caso lleva tu PC a servicio técnico para que revisen tus puertos y que no te vuelva a suceder.

Siempre trata de mantener un backup de los archivos en tus USB.

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