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USB Safely Remove 4.6 final released!

USB Safely Remove 4.6 final released!

We are happy to announce availability of USB Safely Remove 4.6! The new version includes bug fixes, UI improvements and support of skins. Download now or read more below.

Skins support

Now the program lets you make it to be looking like you prefer or conforming to your selected Windows theme. You can either choose one of pre-installed skins or even create your own skin

Option to install for all users

Just choose this option on installation of the program and it will be automatically launched for all users on your computer and you do not need to enter the license key under other user accounts

Ability to clear all settings on uninstall

After the unistall the programm let you choose if you wish to delete all the settings from the registry and the program log files

Partial support for Windows high DPI setting

Now the stopping menu and notification ballons are displayed in the large fonts when you choose the correspondent option in the Windows settings.

New notification balloons

USB Safely Remove now displays the notifications about the changes in a special notification window that doesn’t overlap the device menu and contains more information.

Smart device menu displaying on mouse hover

The device menu is now displaying on mouse hover over the system tray icon more smartly. Earlier the device menu appeared every time when you hovering the mouse over the systray icon even if you moved the mouse to the icon of another application. We fixed this rather annoying behavior and now the menu is displayed only if the mouse cursor hangs for some time over the icon.

Improved device icon auto assigning

In most cases the device icon for non storage devices were assigned to a flash drive icon. Now that's fixed and the program tries to recognize kind of the device and assign a proper icon.

Bug fixes

  • The program recognized some external drives as "Composite USB device" and didn’t see their drive letters.
  • The program didn't rememeber chosen installation language
  • Incorrect number of devices in the "hidden devices" link were displayed when there are more than 10 devices
  • Double click to the systray icon caused an error
  • Global autorun setup: Test launch of the process wasn't available for devices with more than one drive letters
  • Duplicate icons were added on addition of a new icon to device library
  • An error caused on attempt to fix "empty" drive letter
  • An error caused on attempt to load non existent settings file
Update from 28.06.2011: version 4.6 hot-fix
It's a small update for version 4.6, here we fixed some found bugs
  • Some options weren't restored on their import
  • The program systray icon might display when there are no connected devices and the option to hide the icon is enabled
  • The command line tool didn't work
  • The program might display "cannot connect to service" error after its installation on Win 7 64 bit

Download now!
Version: (includes hot-fix1)
Size: MB
OS: Win 2000\XP\2003\
Vista\7, 32\64 bit

Thank you very much for all

Thank you very much for all the support.

This is a great software to

This is a great software to protect PC from external media (f.disc)

Excellent software...Just

Excellent software...Just Updated to the new 4.6 version and it's amazing piece of software

best n good software for the

best n good software for the better performance of your computer

Great thanks for this very

Great thanks for this very interesting and usefull utility.

Are there new commandline

Are there new commandline switches for the new features? such as installing for all users and setting a skin automatically on deployment?

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Hi Corey, Yes, it's possible.

Hi Corey,
Yes, it's possible. The program has an ability to save installation settings as well as the program settings and then load them on the installation in automatic mode. Read more about it in the manual.

Hi, i checked for updates

Hi, i checked for updates today. Program says new version available 4.6 hotfix1. Where can i download this new version? It is not listed anywhere here.

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Thanks for the note! The

Thanks for the note! The version 4.6 final which is available from our web-site actually includes this hotfix. So just download it by clicking to the link on any orange download box.

I’ve looked at both – Zentimo

I’ve looked at both – Zentimo & USB Safely Remove (downloaded trials) incl – reviewed ‘online manual’ and system requirements, but fail to find any reference to ‘trial period’ for each and/or an ‘uninstall’ option, which I am concerned any form of ‘destructive’ behavior to existing OSes ability to restore ‘preinstallation’ of either program’s settings PRIOR to installation of your program? Can you please elaborate? (incl is any .chm or .pdf – help file included) rather than ‘cut & paste’ each web-page for saving? Thanks!

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Hi Alex, I respond to your

Hi Alex,
I respond to your same question at Zentimo's blog

Autoplay is broken with

Autoplay is broken with latest version, I've had to revert to 4.5.

Same here, it's working only

Same here, it's working only sometimes ...

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Hi, It would be great if you

It would be great if you send us the report from the program. In order to send the report you should proceed to "Main menu -> Help -> Report a bug", and in the opened dialog enter your e-mail and a short description of the problem. This helps us to investigate the problem more detailed.

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Hi Robert, 'USB Safely

Hi Robert,
'USB Safely Remove' program shouldn't affect Autoplay feature of Windows. Perhaps this is caused by another software. Can you send us a little report to the support form and tell what OS version you are using, whether the Autoplay was restored after installation of the previous version.

The "auto run" function built

The "auto run" function built into your program has stopped working since 4.6 upgrade. I've unistalled and reinstalled and the problem was not resolved. I've had to downgrade to 4.5 beause programs I have set up to run from my USB drive when plugged in, no longer launch automatically.

Just bought a

Just bought a licence.Fantastic software. Solved a lot of my problems. Keep going

Problem in win 7 Downloaded

Problem in win 7

Downloaded trial version and took 1 month to experience the software. The software has an annoying bug: sometimes when I try to stop my external HDD, it takes a rather long time for the software to process (about 15s) and a dialogue with message "the device ... cannot be stopped right now", two processes are listed (System and svchost.exe). When I click "Stop Again", the device still won't stop. "Forced Stop" produces the same result.

Problem exists in Vista and Win 7
Problem exists for hard drives and memory cards
Problem does NOT exist on flash drives.
Disabling indexing on the drive does not help.
Rebooting the computer and immediately using the safely remove utility works.

I have the same issue as in this thread and I don't understand why it has been so long (nearly 2 years) and yet the developer still cannot fix it.

Thumb down !!

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Hello, Actually this is not a

Actually this is not a problem of the program - it's either a bug of Windows NTFS file system or a hardware related problem (what's more likely in your case since it's not normal when stopping process lasts long) therefore it hasn't been fixed yet. Everything I can recommend now is to try to disable search indexing that may help in some cases.

Yes my program seems to be

Yes my program seems to be working intermittently as well. It keeps recognising and then removing the devices.

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The program cannot do this by

The program cannot do this by design. Unlike the native safe removal tool it just shows when the device is disconnected and when it's connected, but actually it doesn't do automatic removal. If you see this behavior it means that something is wrong with your external hardware so I recommend you to replace it.

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