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USB Safely Remove 5.2 released!

USB Safely Remove 5.2 released!

We are pleased to announce the new release of USB Safely Remove 5.2! The new version includes Windows 8 support, drive letter management improvements and minor bug fix. Download now or read more below.

Windows 8 support

Several months ago Microsoft released a new version of Windows. It doesn't matter if we love it or not, but we have to support it. Therefore now USB Safely Remove has passed compatibility tests with Windows 8, furthermore we have added a nice MOdern UI-style skin, you can see it in the begin of the post. On Windows 8 it's set by default, however you can choose it in the settings on the other versions of Windows.

Fixing a drive letter to several removable drives

Per many requests we have added an ability to fix a drive letter not only to a one drive but to the several drives on the condition that you connect them at different times. This feature might be used for backup purposes. When you connect two or more drives with the same fixed drive letter USB Safely Remove handles this case and displays a dialog that allows you to choose a temporary drive letter for the drives that weren't fixed to a letter. Read more on setup here.

Fixed drive letter sign in the menu

A small but useful improvement for those who use fixing drive letters feature. Now when a drive is fixed to a letter a small lock sign is displayed in the row of the drive.

Another improvements and bug fixes

  • Folder mount points are now displayed in a full size (not truncated)
  • Card reader drives are displayed even when the option "Display storage device volumes" is disabled
  • Skin scheme file now has usual web format of the colors
  • The SATA system drive was displayed in the list by default. Now it's displayed only when you enable the option "Display all storage devices"
  • Now the program doesn't add itself to the Windows startup on each launch, it does this when it's needed. So if you have a kind of startup monitor it won't display you warnings on each Windows startup
  • Fixed: Verbose logging was enabled by default
  • Fixed: Autorun programs called before changing drive letters (e.g. for fixed  drive letters). This caused double calling of the autorun programs.
  • Fixed: The device menu might be displayed when user launched TaskManager (Win 8) or Customize tray icons dialog (Win 7, 8)
  • Fixed: some other minor bugs
Be happy and enjoy using USB Safely Remove!

How to upgrade? Just download using the orange "Download" box below and run the installer, it will do the upgrade automagically. If your upgrade subscription is over feel free to extend it.

Download now!
Size: MB
OS: Win XP\2003\
Vista\7\8, 32\64 bit

Dear Sir/Madam, Your Software

Dear Sir/Madam,
Your Software is world best Usb Remove Software.
I want Request pls add usb power off option to windows8 OS.
Kind Regards,

Thanks for your TEAM and for

Thanks for your TEAM and for your apps[Zentimo xStorage Manager and USB Safely Remove] Zentimo xStorage Manager is the best!

Very useful software. I like

Very useful software. I like it.

Dear Sir, Pls. develop with

Dear Sir, Pls. develop with password protection USB Software for pendrive users. Which protect valuable data in our computer.

I Got your Software from

I Got your Software from Giveaway Of The Day And I love the program but I have run into a few issues I installed Activated the program ,And now the program won't work and has caused issues with my external drive in which the USB Hard Drive Is were the Bulk of my programs are located and will not allow me to access these programs and it won't allow me to get in and allow the programs to run also it says the key is no good any longer what to do ????????

IgorSR's picture

Hello, You can always revert

You can always revert back to the giveaway version of the program, you can get it here (I suppose it's version 4.7). As for other issues here we cannot help, since the technical support is not available for users of of free promo licenses. If you wish to get technical support and future upgrades consider upgrading to a PRO license, see: //

Great thing, thanks for

Great thing, thanks for releasing the new version with Windows 8 support!

I even like USBSR much more than Zentimo. Thinner, better look, fine program behaviour.


You should add "Windows 8" to

You should add "Windows 8" to the small orange box on top in the "Download now!" area:



IgorSR's picture

Thanks Daniel, it's added!

Thanks Daniel, it's added!

Hello, I used to have v4.7

I used to have v4.7 free promotional before, but now I'm on new PC w/ win 8.1 I'm considering move to purchase updated version. 1) Will I get future updates if I purchase 5.2.1, even when version changes to >=6.x.x? 2) The post only lists Win 8 as supported. Can I be sure that v.5.2.1. has no compatibility problem on Win 8.1?

P.S. better weed out some ad posts above. ain't looking good for sure...

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