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USB Safely Remove 5.4 released!

USB Safely Remove 5.4 released!

We are happy to announce the new release of USB Safely Remove 5.4. The new version contains support for High-DPI monitors, usability improvements, improved command line and a huge bug-fix. Download now or read more below.

Support for High-DPI monitors

If you set your DPI setting to more than 100% the previous versions of the program displayed blurry dialogs:
Now all texts in the dialogs are scaled and looks clear:

Usability improvements

  • Press "Tab" key in the menu to show the main window (with the hidden device list)
  • If the program icon is in the 'additional icons' area of the systray the menu is displayed above this area (not in front of it)
  • Warning dialog is displayed on attempt to return USB3.0 device back, because this action leads the USB 3.0 hub to a temporarily disabled state
  • Multi-monitor support improvement: program dialogs are now displayed on the same monitor with the device menu
  • Hotkey to stop all devices is displayed in the tray context menu
  • The option "Notify about connected devices on system exit" is now off by default

Command line improvements

  • Forced return command is added
  • Extended logging added

Bug fix

  • Sometimes the program didn't display the menu or display it in an incorrect place
  • An error could be displayed after successful device stopping
  • An error could be displayed when the program is running in background
  • Program didn't delete sent error reports
  • An error could be displayed while searching for locking processes
  • An error could be displayed on device forced stopping
  • In some cases an error displayed when calling the device menu
  • Some PNG images can crash the program when loaded as device icons
  • Installer option "Don't create icon in the Start menu" were ignored
  • On white-and-black Windows color scheme some dialogs were displayed incorrectly
  • 'A' and 'B' drive letters were never assigned automatically to devices, it causes the external storage may not have a drive letter at all
  • An error could be displayed when selecting device context menu item
  • An error could be displayed on ejecting media (card reader's card or CD-ROM's media)
  • An error displayed when clicking to some parts of the device menu
  • An error might be displayed after ejecting of a card reader's card
  • The program assistant service can silently crash in some cases
  • Forced return didn't work in some cases (handles to neighbor devices weren't actually closed)
  • Could not see locking processes for devices with folder-only mount point(s)

I bought an upgrade

I bought an upgrade subscription when 5.3 was released, more than a year ago; never again!

Just tried 5.4, and

Just tried 5.4, and immediately back to 5.3; I'm right there in total agreement with you!

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