Why do people like USB Safely Remove?

I just wanted to let you know that this utility has been a game changer for my daily workflow. It has kept me from losing a lot of time & corrupt data that used to happen with my hard drives. It’s great piece of mind and a pleasure to use.
Paul Warner,
Filmmaker, Shadow Walk Films

I am Vice President of a computer user group and at times I am using up to four jump drives. Before installing your program I had to remember which drive was inserted in which port. Now that is no longer a problem as each USB drive is identified and I know which to remove.
It certainly is a great program!
Shirley Finefrock,
Vice President, PACUG, www.pacugfl.org

This little program is exactly what I was looking for. The most valuable program feature for me is the ability to name the various USB devices that are connected to my computer and to be able to give them descriptive names that make sense to me so I know which device I'm stopping. I sometimes have 3 or 4 flash drives connected and now I don't have to remember which drive letter goes with which flash drive. Also, the ability to hide devices is very handy. No more accidentally stopping my external CD burner because I clicked on the wrong device in the list. The last time I did that was what prompted me to search for a program like this one. I'm glad I came across your site and found USB Safely Remove.
Valerie Kyriakopoulos

I purchased the program because somewhere I read in a Forum very scary comments about a person who lost all his data on a USB stick because he unplugged it from his PC without using the standard Windows "Safely Remove Hardware" facility, and on top of that I ruined one of my own USB sticks because I did the same. Your program makes it so much easier to unplug a USB device, especially a USB stick, without causing damage, and to do this selectively, one by one. Maybe, in your marketing, you could emphasize the security that your wonderful program offers.
Robert L.A. Trost,
Innovation Management Consultant, CCI PLC

What a fantastic program! This should really replace the Standard Windows Safely Remove program which is next to useless in my opinion. Also on my system the standard icon in the Systray keeps disappearing for days on end and then will suddenly reappear for a while. Very worrying and I have spent days trying to get to the bottom of it. Unsuccessfully I might add, which is why I'm so pleased to have discovered your tool on the Internet.
Ken Longley

The one-click feature was something that really impressed me as it was really well thought it is very user-friendly and extremely fast. I tested it with 4 hard drivers, pen and cammera, tested the hotkeys, and not a single bug poped-up, I was really impressed by the stability of your program.
Waldir Po

I have an external 400GB hard drive attached via USB to my laptop. Naturally I want to unmount this properly, if I have to take my laptop somewhere! However, with the Windows utility, I would always get a message just saying "Unable to stop device - try later". So I would have to shut the system down to be sure (no ways am I just pulling the USB cable out & risking Windows screwing up the directory of my 400 GB of data!).
I had tried with tools like ProcessExplorer to track down which processes were locking the drive, but you need a PhD to interpret ProcessExplorer's data!!!
So being able to run USBSafelyRemove and instantly discover which processes I had to terminate, so that I could safely unmount my drive, was an OUTSTANDING feature for me, and justified the price of the program on the spot!!!
Neil Hinrichsen,

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