Hot Swap on Intel Matrix Storage - ICHxxx

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Hot Swap on Intel Matrix Storage - ICHxxx

Post by ebola » Mar 5th, 2008, 10:51 am

Dear Developers,

I just bought your fantastic little app, at monday on this week, and sended one bug report/featre request letter with the form on your page, hope you got it...

My second question is not just about USR but in general...

Can anybody explain how to get working hot swap/hot plug function on ICH7/8/9? I use ICH7 in my workplace and ICH8 at home... both motherboard told (ASUS P5LD2 deluxe/Gigabyte P965-DS4) that hot swap is supported on Intel south-bridge, but interesting, cause I could not get it work... On Vista the builtin removable hardware solution simply dont show those devices what are on ICHx, meanwhile both chipset switched into AHCI mode as need... USR can try to disconnect those HDD-s but after thy try it show me that any higher priority application blocked the disconnect function...

Other interesting feature that the other SATA controller on the board (example Gigabyte's own...) works perfect, on the same computer... also in AHCI mode, and no problem, but ICHx... I can not get to work any computer yet... tried with Vista builtin driver and also the INtel Matrix Storage driver... the newest... everything works but the hot swap...

if this is common problem, in the future USR could maybe change this problem? if the builtin 'disconnector' will not work, I don't care about, if USR could handle... esspecially cause now, USR could try to disconnect but with an error message (not that what it told when device basically not hotswapable...), so maybe it could work in the future... builtin method... I dont care of it:)

Thanks for the answer in advanced...

(and hope you got my letter what I sent... menu behaviour, and icon problem....)

- e -
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Post by Igor » Jul 1st, 2008, 2:13 pm

Hello Ebola,
It might been that we have one good news for you, regarding hot-swap on ICH7.

Our development version can disable and enable (the same feature has MS Device Manager) storages that doesn't have "safe removal" feature. For SATA drives disabling does the same as "safe removal" for USB devices.

If you are interested you can evaluate the new functionality right now. The development version is available here:

Your feedback would be appreciated.

Thank you!
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