How to translate the program to your native language?

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How to translate the program to your native language?

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If you haven't found your native language among supported by the program languages, you can translate program to your native language. We award our translators by free lifetime license for the translation!

Please, don't forget to contact us before making the translation! Probably someone is already translating program to your language.

Translation. Step-by-step manual
  1. Download the latest beta-version (or stable if there are no betas available) of the program here: and install it. Then proceed to the program's folder - %Program Files%\USB Safely Remove, here you'll see the folder "Languages", enter to this folder.
  2. In Languages folder select one of the language files - i.e. Russian.lng, rename it to <Your_language_name>.lng
  3. Open <Your_language_name>.lng file in editor* and translate all the strings. They have the next format: english_phrase=native_phrase. You have to delete a text after '=' sign and write translated text there.
  4. After you will have translated all the strings, restart program, and go to the program Options -> General tab, Languages section, choose your language there.
  5. Play with the program, check that all strings are translated and they are fit into their places.
  6. Send us <Your_language_name>.lng file
* I recommend you using a plain-text editor (rather than Word) such as notepad or PSPad (
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