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Control Write Access to Removable Devices or Media

Posted: Aug 23rd, 2014, 11:32 pm
by Techland

these days security has a much higher value and is more looked after than ever before. The BadUSB devices are just one example (see the other thread). Regarding simple personal security I was looking for a way to close my USB ports to prevent others from stealing data. In fact that is quite simple and nothing new: ... 10%29.aspx

With simple reg files like presented here ... ccess.html

one can stop writing data to CD and USB drives. There are two problems:

- change requires restart or Log off / log on

- nobody wants to fool around with reg files or the registry

That's why I think this would be a phantastic and really useful addition to USR. It could have an easy to access option to switch off read and or write access for removable media. Maybe you don't even need to use the above method if USR is able to block such access itself.