Safely Remove file name that is in Task Manager "Process"

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Safely Remove file name that is in Task Manager "Process"

Post by krazykat »

Hi. I have a laptop (Dell Vostro 1500) with XP SP3. I have a perplexing situation (at least for me).
My simple question: When Safely Remove is running, what is the name of the executable file that will/ is be listed in the Windows Task manager “processes” tab?

Some back ground: I know Safely Removed is installed, but I cannot seem to find the folder where it is installed. With the laptop up and running and no USB thumb drives plugged in, there is no Safely Remove icon in the system tray. I plug in a USB thumb drive and a Safely Remove icon appears in the system tray notifying that the thumb drive has been plugged in and I can click to remove.
I go to the Task Manager, “process” tab to try and locate the file (by name) that is running Safely Remove and cannot locate. Knowing the file name that is running Safely Remove , I can search my hard drive for that name to locate the folder where Safely Remove program is stored.
I have tried ADD/ remove programs, a search for “usbsafelyremovesetup” and various combinations of text words ( *safelyremove*.* ; etc), with no luck.

Thanks for any suggestions. Appreciate the help
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Re: Safely Remove file name that is in Task Manager "Process

Post by Igor »

Hi krazykat,
It has 2 processes: USBSafelyRemove.exe (main GUI program) and USBSRService.exe (USB Safely Remove assistance service) that must be running for a correct work of the program. Normally USB Safely Remove is installed to "C:\Program Files\USB Safely Remove" folder.

Maybe you should try to install the program once again.
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