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Menu is very slow to popup on one machine

Posted: Jun 20th, 2017, 1:23 pm
by bawldiggle
On one new Win-7 PRO x64 Lenovo laptop usbSR is very slow (laggy) to appear, and then all I get is the window outline for about 8 seconds.
It can take upto 12 seconds before I can make a selection to safely-remove.
- once this lag is over, all subsequent "calls" are immediate, until the machine goes to sleep, and I have to go through the lag and wait again.

The Lenovo has clean install of non-Lenovo Win-7 PRO x64 OS, so the system is very fresh and stable.
- the Lenovo laptop is using usbSR v5.5.1.1250

My 3 year old desktop (Win-7 HP PRO x64) is perfect with no problems with usbSR v5.2.1.1195 :)