USR & Binisoft USB Flash Drives Control - will they work together?

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USR & Binisoft USB Flash Drives Control - will they work together?

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I am a USR user and am very content with it. It's a great utility. However, there is one feature I would like to have which is not

present in USR. I have found that feature in a free utility from Binisoft, called 'USB Flash Drives Control' - I am talking about the

ability to select between making USB drives (Flash Drives, in particular) 'Readable', 'Writable/Non-Writable', or 'Executable/Non-

Executable' (see explanation and diagram at

I do not own, or have access to a printer (nor the money to buy one) so when I have a document I need to print, I put it on a Flash

Drive and carry it to my local printer shop where the guy plugs my Flash Drive into his computer and prints my document.

I always have 'Auto-Play' disabled on my computer as a precaution against infections arising from plugging in a drive that's been used

on another person's computer. When I come back from the printer shop I always do a virus/malware scan of the flash drive before using

it again.

I used to have an old (very old) Flash Drive which had a little switch on the side which made the drive Read-Only, and used to only

carry that drive to public print shops (or other third party computers) so as to physically prevent any infection of my drive.

Unfortunately that drive died and although I have several other flash drives, none of them has a physical switch to make them Read-

Only. (Poverty prevents me from hunting for one like that online and buying a replacement).

So, I would like to use Binisoft USB Flash Drives Control to temporarily make my USB drives 'Non-Executable' when I plug in a flash

drive that's been potentially exposed to infection from a third party computer.

Sorry to be so long winded, but here is my question ...

Is Binisoft USB Flash Drives Control likely to 'clash' or interfere with USR's operation?

I assume that both utilities have some kind of 'low level' access to the USB bus and it occurs to me that one of them (or both) might

need exclusive access, so they might be incompatible with each other. I thought I'd ask here before going ahead and testing them out

together. (I could make a backup image of my C drive before testing, so if anything gets screwed up I can just restore the C drive to

its previous state, but I've got no urgent print jobs right now, so just asking here first).

BTW, I'm running Windows 7 SP1 64-bit (no lectures about that, please!)

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