SAFELY REMOVE preventing safe removal

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SAFELY REMOVE preventing safe removal

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I'm a bit confused. In early December, I got a pop-up from USB SR saying there was a new version out. I went to the web site and noticed what had changed. Once of the things it mentions fixing is:

* Sometimes the program could prevent by itself the device from being stopped

Well, I hadn't ever had that problem myself, but I'm sure that the program authors are also trying to improve the program, so I downloaded and installed it. Imagine my surprise when I now find that about 20% of the time when I eject a drive, I now get that exact error saying that SAFELYREMOVE has the drive locked. True, I can always tell it to do a FORCED STOP, but why should I have to do that? Thank goodness it's not happening everytime, but even still, it's a real PITA.

Despite this, I really like the program with all it's features. Still, I'm tempted to try to find the previous version 4.1 just to stop the annoyance. Currently the version I have is v4.2.5.879.

Any ideas why this is happening to me when this issue was supposedly addressed and fixed with this version?
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