NVME SSD on USB is not ejected correctly

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NVME SSD on USB is not ejected correctly

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Hi everyone,

I see a bit strange behaviour that might be a bug in USBSR. I have a normal Windows 10 machine and connect a Samsung NVME SSD that is built into a small JMicron Tech controller equipped adapter via USB 3. Quite quick (and portable) when doing backups!

Now this external drive does not have the write cache enabled (Windows default), so I can easily unplug it any time, the drive letter and the disk will vanish from the system.

But as a long-time USBSR user I am used to - and would prefer to - eject the disk via USBSR. That works with anything else, inlcuding SATA SSDs with adapters to USB 3 etc etc.

The NVME with the JMicron is the only one in my collection where this happens: after eject via USBSR the dialog 'can now be removed' comes up. I unplug the disk, and the second dialog which shows the actual removal of the SSD does not go away. The disk IS eject, but somehow USBSR or Windows get lost in that process. USBSR also continues to show the SSD with a red cross. The drive letter is not removed in Total Commander, but shown with a question mark beside it.

The really bad thing about this is that the 'hanging' disk stays like this forever within the system, and upon shutdown (or reboot) it turns out that the computer will never finish that. I have to do a hard reset on the blue shutdown screen.

Have a nice Sunday evening!
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Re: NVME SSD on USB is not ejected correctly

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Hi Techland,
Can you try to play with this option?
device_stop_method.png (29.13 KiB) Viewed 576 times

Return the drive into an active state, change the mentioned option to a different value, and then try to stop the drive and see what will happen with it.
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