Bug: 2x650gb Drives same "Sys_DevicePnPName"

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Bug: 2x650gb Drives same "Sys_DevicePnPName"

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How do I change the "Sys_DevicePnPName" of a drive?
When I have 2 "Samsung S2 Portable USB Device" plugged in at the same time, only one is seen by the sytem.
If I want to use both drives I have to shutdown USB safely remove program, before connecting the second drive.
When I check the drive properties in USB safe and save to a text file for each drive I found that the
"Sys_DevicePnPName: USB\VID_04E8&PID_1F06\00000011E093105006AD"
was identical on both drives. Iam assuming this is how the program identifies the individual drives?
As windows has no problem telling the difference as long as "USB safe" is shutdown.
I am using the latest version of the software (
I have tried uninstalling the program and reformating one of the drives.
It hasen't helped.

What is the answer?

Regards Stephen Ashby
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