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About the sense of...

Posted: Aug 12th, 2011, 4:37 pm
by bruno

what for is "USBSRService.exe" good?

It uses about 2,5 - 3 MB of memory and always runs also when the program doesn't run (I don't use automatic start at windows logon).
The program also works when that service isn't activated.
And it doesn't start USBSR when I insert hardware allthough the service is activated.

What is the sense of this service? Something trojan perhaps? :wink:


Re: About the sense of...

Posted: Aug 12th, 2011, 5:38 pm
by Igor
Hi Bruno,
This is an assistance service for USB Safely Remove which is responsible for all low-level stuff that does USB Safely Remove such as drive letter management, scanning for locking processes and etc, returning devices back. It only performs those actions that request USB Safely Remove GUI so whenever you exit USBSafelyRemove GUI this service just sleep and doesn't affect your system.

It's needed just because USB Safely Remove which looks like a very simple app actually needed to do many kind of system calls which require admin rights. But as you may know all applications in Win 7 or Vista (or even on XP non admin user) run with restricted rights so we physically cannot do this system staff. Therefore we translate this calls to our helper service.

Hope I explain it clear :)

Re: About the sense of...

Posted: Aug 16th, 2011, 7:57 pm
by bruno
Thanks for trying to explain - allthough I didn't understand 100 %... ;-)

Re: About the sense of...

Posted: Aug 17th, 2011, 10:31 am
by Igor
bruno wrote:Thanks for trying to explain - allthough I didn't understand 100 %... ;-)
I'll try to explain in another words. This application is a helper service that allows USB Safely Remove to do some low level operations even if USB Safely Remove run under usual user account in Windows.

This service doesn't do anything until USB Safely Remove asks it to do it. This is the reason why it doesn't run USB Safely Remove when you insert flash drives. You simply want to fully stop USB Safely Remove and if the service will run the program on device connection it will be highly undesirable.

The program can be launched without this service but actually it couldn't perform the majority of its interesting features such as searching for locking processes, returning devices and many others. But it allows you to stop a device if it's not locked by a program.