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Error trying to safely remove USB drives using latest v4.7

Posted: Sep 7th, 2011, 5:17 am
by digibuddy
Hi we are wanting to buy your product.

We have installed the evaluation copy.

We are having some issues removing USB drives.

We are running Windows 2003 SBS server with latest service pack.

We are running symantec end point protection latest version.

Firstly, We added an exception in symantec endpoint to exclude the J:/ (USB drive) in any scanning etc. That didnt help.

Secondly, we get an error message displaying smc.exe (symantec endpoint) is accessing the drive. So we disabled all the symantec services and tried to safley remove and got a new error message:

Please see attached screenshot of the error message we are getting.

Error in short:
Could not find any processes locking USB device!
The device itself is locked by windows. try stopping the device again and if it does not help, we recommend you to shutdown the computer before this device removal to prevent possible data loss.

I look forward to your help.



Re: Error trying to safely remove USB drives using latest v4

Posted: Sep 16th, 2011, 1:53 pm
by Anton
Hi digibuddy,

Sorry for the delaying with reply.

Does the built-in system remove hardware service work properly and allow you to remove your device safely?