Zentimo with Windows 11

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Keith Weisshar
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Zentimo with Windows 11

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Is Zentimo compatible with Windows 11? Also when I use winget upgrade --all from the command prompt it redownloads and reinstalls Zentimo even though it's already the latest version because of the unknown version. It should only download and install Zentimo if it's not the latest version.
Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.22000.318]
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C:\Windows\system32>winget upgrade
Name Id Version Available Source
Zentimo PRO CrystalRich.Zentimo Unknown 2.4.2 winget
1 upgrades available.

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Re: Zentimo with Windows 11

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Hi Keith,
I'm sorry for so long response. I've already replied to your similar questions by email just copying my reply here.

Zentimo (and USB Safely Remove) is compatible with Windows 11 except small UI issues (squared corners instead of rounded ones). Those issues we will fix in the next release.

As for issue with winget. It's a known problem and it's already fixed in the developing version, so the next release will be without this issue (I can send you the fixed version if you wish).
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