Help > How to hide the systray icon?

Often users complain that the native Safely Remove Hardware icon is not present in the system tray even if there are hot-plug devices connected to the computer. USB Safely Remove saves you from this problem. It replaces the native safe removal icon with its own icon, which by default always stays in the tray. This behavior gives quick access to program functionality and makes working with hot-plug devices more intelligible and predictable.

However you can change this behavior and make the icon disappear when there are no devices visible in the stop menu. This allows you to hide some unnecessary devices from the stop menu and to display the icon only when only neccessary devices are connected to the computer. Moreover unlike Windows' icon, USB Safely Remove will guaranteed display its icon when you connect hot-plug devices.

To activate this behavior, enable "Hide icon when there are no devices to be stopped" in the "Look And Feel" section of the program options.

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