Help > "Cannot stop the device" window

If you are seeing this dialog it means some programs are locking your device and preventing it from being stopped. But don't worry our program has magic "Forced Stop" feature and other means to unlock and prepare you device for safe removal.

This dialog displays the list of processes preventing the device from safe removal. You can also see what certain files are opened by these processes on the device (press "+" sign before the process):

To remove the device safely you can do the following:

  1. Close all mentioned processes and press "Stop again"

    You can do this using the context menu of the process. Just right click to the process and choose "Close Program" or "Kill Program":
    • Close program just asks the program to close, it might show exit warning or just do nothing if it hangs.
    • Kill Program forcibly terminates the process
    • Bring To Front brings the program to front so that you can see what is it and close it manually.
  2. Use the "Forced Stop" feature

    Just press the "Forced Stop" button and the program closes all files opened by the listed processes on the device, leaving these processes runinng. If there are some processes which were launched from the device it asks them to close, then it tries stopping the device again. Also the program flushes the drive cache before this operation to avoid any data loss.
    The Forced Stop or Kill program may lead to data loss! To prevent this, we recommend closing processes and saving data manually. Use the forced stop button only if you are sure there are no programs on the list are currently writing data to that device. In that case the Forced Stop will be safe.

    Another note, the Forced Stop cannot damage your device. The only bad thing it might do is to break a file. If you forcibly stop a device in the moment when some program is writing data into a file, the file might became broken after the stop, but not the whole device. In any way use the Forced Stop with all precautions.

'svchost.exe' and 'system' locking processes. What are they?

On the screenshots above you are seeing 'svchost.exe' and 'system' processes among the other ones. If you expand these processes you will see the following list of locked files:

The 'System' process is locking $Extend\$RmMetadata\$TxfLog\* files and 'svchost.exe' is locking 'System Volume Information\tracking.log' and '$Extend\$ObjId' files. These files are just invisible system files that are used by NTFS file system drivers, or in other words by the operating system itself. In case when these processes lock the mentioned files only they do not prevent drives from being safely removed despite the program displays them. Usually you are seeing these processes along with other processes that actually lock the device.

But in some cases the program shows only these two processes locking exactly these filesystem files. That means that there are no programs actually locking processes and the device cannot be stopped for another (unknown for us) reason. So to safely stop this device just use the "Forced Stop" feature in most cases it helps to unlock such unknown lock.

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