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Help > "Cannot stop the device" window

This window displays list of processes prevent the device from being stopped as well as let you manage these processes.

What can be done in this window?
  1. Display what processes prevent the device from being stopped.
  2. To stop the device again - the program tries ejecting the device once again. You have to close all listed processes or files opened by them beforehand.
  3. To forcibly stop the device - the program closes all files opened by the listed processes on the device, leaving these processes runinng. If there are some processes which were launched from the device it asks them to close, then it tries stopping the device again.
  4. To know what files are open by the process - just press "+" sign before the file name and the list of files opened by that process is shown.
You may also stop individual processes one-by-one without disturbing the others - just right click on a process and choose "Kill process" in the displayed menu.
Forcing a device to stop or forcing a process closed may lead to data loss! To prevent this, we recommend closing processes and saving data manually. Use the forced stop button only if you are sure there are no programs in the list which are currently writing data to that device.