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The main program window allows you to operate all devices - both displayed and hidden from the device stop menu. Mainly it serves to work with hidden devices, e.g. to stop them or to make one of them displayed in the menu back.

The main window gives you the same functionality as the device stop menu as well as performs some additional seldom done operations. However due to its universality it is less convenient to do frequent operations than the device stop menu.
What can be done in the main window and cannot in the menu?
  1. To see hidden devices and make a device to be displayed in the menu
  2. To launch the command line tool
  3. To send us a feature request or report a bug
    (Help -> Request new feature... | Report a bug... menu items)
  4. To run Windows' Safely Remove Hardware tool (Command -> Open native Safely Remove Hardware menu items)
  5. To scan for hardware changes and refresh device list in the program as well (View -> Refresh menu item)
  6. To check for new versions of the program (Help -> Check for updates menu item)
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