Windows vs USB Safely Remove

Find below the feature comparison chart of the Windows native safely remove hardware tool and USB Safely Remove.
Feature Windows USB Safely Remove
Device menu
Displaying devices to remove
Device stopping
Device disabling
Displaying stopped (but not yet removed) devices
Device stopping in a click
Reactivate stopped device
Easily browsing a device in Explorer or your favorite file manager
Eject memory cards of card readers
Stop all devices at once
Scan for hardware changes in a click
Sort your devices by drive letter, name etc
Assign or change device icon
Rename device
Hiding unneded device from the menu
Displaying the menu immediately Up to 10 sec timeout
Safe removal
Display programs blocking a device from stopping
Forced device stopping
Power off devices on stopping (optional)
Can disconnect SATA\USB devices that are not displayed in the native Windows menu
Drive letter management
Automatic assignment of a drive letter
Fix a letter for a specific drive
Fix one letter for several drives
Prohibit assigning some letters for external drives
Hide drive letters of unused card reader slots
Program autorun
On device connection
Before device stopping
After device stopping
After physical device removal
Run program for all devices (not only for particular one)
Additional features
Command line for safe removal\reactivation
Hotkeys to manage devices
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