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Common questions
Below you can find common questions and answers regarding the use of portable devices and problems regarding 'Safely Remove Hardware' functionality. If you cannot find an answer to your question, just ask us and we will try to help you.
USB Safely Remove related questions

Safely Remove Hardware function vs "Optimize for quick removal" option.
Why do I need to use the 'Safely Remove Hardware' function, if it is possible to enable the "Optimize for quick removal" option? We know two reasons to use safe removal.
  1. To eliminate a special feature of the human brain - forgetfullness. If you always indulge in pulling out your USB stick without safe removal, you will forget ocassionally that you have opened a document from your stick where you made a lot of changes and data might be lost.
  2. Any device, especially complex devices such as USB hard drives, can be damaged, as a result of sharp voltage swings.
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The device cannot be stopped right now. Why?
The most common reason is that a running program has 'opened' files on your device drive. This quite often happens even when you have closed all the programs on your desktop - the device can still be locked. It is probably locked by one of the background processes running on your computer, ie. it might be your antivirus or another "anti-" software (anti-malware, anty-spyware and etc). USB Safely Remove allows you to detect any cause of device locking and to eliminate the source of the problem easily.
How to remove 'Safely Remove Hardware' icon from the system tray.
USB Safely Remove replaces the native 'Safely Remove Hardware' icon in the system tray by its own icon. The program's default display icon is more clear and straightforward and helps in the management of all removable devices. It makes program behaviour more predictable for the user.
If you want the icon to hide itself when there are no devices to be stopped, just enable the option "Hide icon when there are no devices to be stopped". You can find this option at the tab "Look and Feel" of the 'program options' dialog.
How to remove a device from 'Safely Remove Hardware' menu?
You cannot remove devices from the native 'Safely Remove Hardware' menu, but USB Safely Remove allows you to remove any device with just one movement. Just launch the 'quick stop' menu, right-click the device, and choose the item "Hide device from the tray menu" in the device context menu.
I need to stop my SATA (LaCie, 1394) drive, but I can't see it in the safely remove list.
Sometimes Windows does not display some of hotpug devices, such as SATA, IEE1394 (Firewire). However there is a trick which you can use to stop such "invisible" devices:
  1. Go to the Device Manager (Start button -> Control Panel -> System -> Hardware tab -> Device Manager button)
  2. Find your device in the "Disk drives" section
  3. Right click the selected device and choose "Disable item" from the displayed menu.
Please note!

If there are not any programs with 'opened' files on the device drive, the device's icon will be marked as disabled. If the system requests you to reboot, do not believe your eyes! - Actually, it means that there is something preventing the device from being stopped - one or more programs that have opened files on the drive. Just close these files and repeat the operation again.

If you often need to unplug such devices you can take a look at USB Safely Remove - guaranteed safe removal in one click.
How to stop a device with a 'hotkey' immediatelly, without displaying the menu.
By default the program displays the 'quick stop' menu on hotkey pressing, where you can choose the required device using the keyboard. But if you usually have only one removable device connected at a time, you will probably prefer to use the "Stop immediatelly" option (see the "Hotkeys" tab of the 'program options' dialog). After enabling this option, the program will stop a device immediatelly after pressing Win+S hotkey if there is only one device to be stopped. In other cases it will display the menu.
I want to see 'volume names' instead of 'device names' (for storage devices).
Just enable the option "Show volume names instead of device names" at the "General" tab of the 'program options' dialog.
Neither Windows nor USB Safely Remove display my SATA (FireWire, LaCie) drive. How can I stop it?
Firstly, make sure this device is not listed among the 'hidden devices' ( open the Main window, and see the section "Hidden devices"). Then, go to 'program options', switch to the "General" tab and check the "Display all storage devices" option. After pressing "OK" you will see your device in the 'quick stop' menu together with some other devices that you will never need (and are unable to stop). Just hide them from the menu (this makes things more convenient when working with your portable device).
I need to setup USB Safely Remove on to many computers. How to make automatic installation?
In order to do it you have to create a special installation package which will contain desired installation options, the license key, and a set of predefined program options. You can create this package using:
  1. Step-by-step manual to create auto-installation package
  2. This small free utility: usr_make_auto_install, created by our user Florian Tenhaken (florian.tenhaken [at] gmx [dot] de).
    Download (210 KB)
I cannot set USB Safely Remove systray icon to "Always hide" state. Why?
When the program automatically displays the device menu on mouse hover over system tray icon, it makes systray hint of the program to be empty to prevent displaying both systray hint and the device menu. However Windows, doesn't handle this case properly and it refuses to always hide the icon with empty systray hint.

The only way to solve this problem is to disable auto-popping up the menu on mouse hover over the system tray icon. You may disable this option in the program options -> "Behavior" -> "Show menu on mouse hower..."
I'd like... a new feature in USB Safely Remove!
Welcome to our online support form, just write down your suggestion there. We will consider it and possibly implement.
I have read all the FAQ but I still have some questions ...
Just click here and tell us your question. We will be happy to help you with the use of USB Safely Remove.
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Manage USB devices in one action:
  • Hotkeys
  • Real names
  • Device hiding
  • Forced stopping
  • Programs auto running
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